Young man in Yogyakarta Arrested Residents for Bring Sharp Knife

Young man in Yogyakarta Arrested Residents for Bring Sharp Knife – A number of Young Man in Yogyakarta were secured by residents after being caught carrying sharp weapons. It was suspected that the Young man would launch a clash so it was immediately secured by residents around the TVRI office. They were caught while gathering near the Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 3 Yogyakarta on Jalan Magelang.

Young man in Yogyakarta

The news of the arrest was shared by Twitter users @ upil_jaran67.

“Info #jogja tonight. Mruput was shaken sharply caught by residents of the MAN 3 area around TVRI Jalan Magelang. Be aware of sedulur. Please have additional information. Remind each other,” he wrote via Twitter.

It can be seen in the video that residents are swarming around young people who are suspected of going to commit clashes. One of the young people was even beaten by residents who did not accept their actions. MenangCeme

Kowe nggowo sharp weapon ngopo? “What are you carrying a sharp weapon,” said one resident in the video.

Later it was found out that the number of young people arrested on Wednesday night (11/3/2020) was seven. Each comes from a different school and two of them are students.

Meanwhile the evidence in the form of sharp weapons that were successfully secured in the form of a sickle, two sickles, two golf clubs, one piece of pipe, and one hammer. Mlati police sector, Sleman, Yogyakarta immediately secured the perpetrators and evidence after residents reported the findings on Wednesday night (11/3/2020) around 21:30 WIB.

Action Klithih rife in Yogyakarta in recent months. The action is usually accompanied by crime on the streets in the form of stabbing or torture using sharp weapons. Often the perpetrators are young people aged 16-17 years old who sit in high school / vocational / equivalent. While the motive itself is unclear.