Viral Wife Take Husband to Remarry

Viral video of a wife taking her husband to remarry. From the video uploaded by the @ MSAndiP8 Twitter account, the wife kisses her husband’s hand.

Of the eight video clips uploaded by the account, they look very mature preparing everything. There is also a upload screen capture comments or private messages that allegedly came from his first wife.

Viral Wife Take Husband to Remarry

Video TikTok wife between husband remarried again viral on various social media. The video is also referred to by netizens as a video TikTok wife between polygamous husbands shows, a woman wearing a veil took her husband to the consent consent granted.

Not only that, in other videos seen the wife who veiled welcomed the bride who will marry her husband.

Suddenly the wife’s TikTok video between polygamous husbands became a warm conversation among citizens. Having previously circulated on Facebook, the @lambe_turah account on Instagram also uploaded the video.

Then who is the wife who took the husband to remarry?

From HR Online’s search, the wife who took her husband to polygamy was a participant of the Indonesian Sahur Indonesian Academy (AKSI) in 2015. He was known as the Gold Princess Yanti.

While her husband is a Cijeungjing Boarding School Leader who is usually called Abah Cijeungjing. He is also known as the Chairperson of the Sholawat Wabaarik Malem Rebo Assembly

Before marriage, Gold was known to live in Karawang, with her parents. When she was finally edited by Abah Cijeungjing, Emas followed her husband. agen ceme deposit pulsa

In the video TikTok the wife between the polygamous husband, Gold looks tough when sending her husband to remarry with another woman. The TikTok video was accompanied by Rosa’s Ayat-Ayat Cinta song, making the polygamy video look blue.

Reasons for Wives Between Husbands to Remarry
Gold then wrote the reason for allowing her husband to remarry. On his Facebook account, Gold said he wants to ease the burden on her husband.

“Humans are not perfect, I have weaknesses and strengths. My strengths can be a businessman, can also be a cleric. However, I also have shortcomings, I cannot hold two jobs at once, “Gold wrote.

Gold claimed to have 11 companies that he manages with his husband. Because she felt unable to take care of herself, she finally asked her husband to remarry.

“My current position cannot hold two jobs. I finally found a wife for this struggle. Like that, ma’am, said Emas.

First Wife Prepares for Her Husband’s Marriage
Emas also claims to be preparing for her husband’s marriage. Starting from the application, to shopping for dowry and contract preparation.

Because of this, the wives between the remarried husbands asked that citizens do not bad mouth their husbands, because it was said that Gold, her husband did not know anything.

“If you want to hate, do not speak ill of my husband, but me, because I was the one who prepared the husband’s consent,” he concluded.