Upset Often Cursed, Yetti Beat a Stroke Husband Using a Wooden Block

Upset Often Cursed, Yetti Beat a Stroke Husband Using a Wooden Block – A middle-aged woman named Yetti Rosida (51) was forced to incarcerate in prison after being arrested by police for abusing her crippled husband, Iskandar (56).

This incident occurred at their home on Jalan Historis, in front of the Al-Ikhlas mosque, Delitua, Deli Serdang on Sunday (2/23/2020) yesterday.

Upset Often Cursed

After the action, Yetti came to the Old Deli Police Station to report that she suspected that she had killed her husband.

“At the moment the victim is still in Sembiring Hospital, still conscious, still being treated,” said the Criminal Investigation Committee Deli Deli Tua, Ipda Bambang Wahid as reported by – network, Monday (2/24/2020). Upset Often Cursed

In this case, the police did not find Yenti planning while persecuting her husband. Yetti’s actions were spontaneous because she had treated her husband who had had a stroke for 2.5 years but was often scolded and cursed by her husband.

“Yetti had a chance to go to a psychiatrist in 2018 to consult because it was too heavy. Regarding surrender, it could be one of the things that alleviates it if it reaches the court,” he said.

To the police, Yetti admitted that he was determined to carry out the persecution because he could not stand being often cursed and tortured while taking care of her husband who had suffered a stroke for 2.5 years.

“He has been throwing, cursing what he can throw. I can’t stand it anymore, I hit it. Bloody his head,” said Yetti. Bandar Ceme Indonesia

From the disclosure of this case, the police confiscated a number of items of evidence in the form of a translucent wooden handle, several wooden broti (wooden blocks) and a broom handle.

For his actions, Yetti was charged with Article 44 paragraphs 1 and 2 of RI Law No. 23/2004 concerning the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Domestic Violence) with the threat of a sentence of 10 years in prison.

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