The Green Light of the Mosque Council for the Government Opens

The Green Light of the Mosque Council for the Government Opens

The Green Light of the Mosque Council for the Government Opens – The Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) gave the go-ahead in supporting the government’s move to issue rules for reopening places of worship when implementing ‘new normal’. DMI notes that the government must first prepare a health protocol at a place of worship.

So it must regulate the implementation of worship in a healthy manner, both at the mosque and at other places of worship, said Secretary General of the DMI Imam Addaruquthni when contacted on Friday (5/29/2020).

According to him, the plan to reopen a place of worship is one of the pressures from the community. Imam said that at this time most people were asking about other public places, such as markets and malls that had already been eased. While places of worship have not received easing.

“I think the community is related to the mosque. I have been waiting for the government to make these strict rules while others have been opened, have been loosened while the mosque has not,” he said.

So in this context DMI doesn’t matter, please, he added.

However, DMI still appealed to the community to continue to carry out physical distancing, using masks, and other health protocols while in the mosque. The sole purpose is to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Imam also said that during the pandemic, no one had contracted the Corona virus (COVID-19) while in the mosque. According to him, the person who was diagnosed with COVID-19 had previously been infected elsewhere and then entered the mosque.

From the records of DMI there is no one (a person contracted Corona while in the mosque). So far no. There were times that in South Sulawesi there was a big meeting conference that was not in the mosque. “People come from where there are international conferences,” he said.

There is also in Kebon Jeruk (West Jakarta) that actually is not in the mosque, there are a number of people (positive) but there are no cases of death and all are healed, had been isolated but it seems that transmission is not in the mosque, these people from outside might shop or something to the market or to the mall, he continued.

Imam explained that there was no certainty that the transmission of COVID-19 at the mosque had been confirmed by DMI officials throughout Indonesia. The Indonesian IMF members reported that there was no Corona transmission inside the mosque.

It’s not in the DMI record, it’s not there, we once had a meeting that was a ‘webinar zoom’ in Indonesia. We asked for the report to be absent (Corona positive people in the mosque), he said.

Furthermore, Imam explained, the mosque had indeed been designated as one of the COVID-19 transmission clusters because it was considered a gathering place for people. However, he said, the mosque had never been an epicenter or center of the spread of COVID-19.

In the past, the mosque was included in the cluster, meaning that the cluster would be the epicenter of the spread of COVID-19, the mosque was vulnerable because there was a congregation there, but it turned out that the mosque had so far remained a cluster, but as an epicenter it did not occur. That’s what? Yes ceme online medan maybe a devout mosque, first. If there are 1-2 mosques (the congregation is hit by Corona) it seems that it is not from the mosque, because there is no transmission from the congregation but from the market or other places, said Imam.