The Commotion of Corona ODP Data in Bogor is Leaking and Spreading

The Commotion of Corona ODP Data in Bogor is Leaking and Spreading – The man in Bogor, Zulkifli Abidin Chaniago (26), was included in the Corona Virus Insider (ODP) list. He was declared ODP after checking himself in a hospital in Bogor on Thursday (19/3). What makes him disadvantaged is that his personal data is leaked to the point of being spread on social media

“On WhatsApp Story [scattered] and several middle and high school groups asked, many even asked directly,” said the man who is familiarly called Zul to the council on Tuesday (3/24).

Do not stop there, a number of neighbors in the Zul housing complex also had time to confirm the truth of the data. They have come to his house directly.

The Commotion of Corona ODP Data in Bogor is Leaking and Spreading

Well, yesterday my sister was questioned by a neighbor, is it true that her sister (Zul) was affected by the corona virus, because her name spread in groups and was troubling, said Zul.

Zul learned that the data was spread four days after returning from the Regional Hospital on Wednesday (3/23). On WhatsApp story and the group he received a piece of document sheet with the title ‘Patient Covid-19’. Zul’s full name and full address are displayed in the document. Besides Zul, there are also several other names.

As a result of the data being spread, Zul feels stressed. He has trouble sleeping. Moreover, his family was also affected by the leak of data. Kartu Poker

It’s [confirmed], said the hospital data that has been shared with the Department as well. So do not know who is spreading. And there is no investigation, complained Zul.

He hopes that people who spread their personal data will be punished so that it does not happen again in the future.

Because if it is only viral in the media it will not pass the time, but if it is brought into the realm of law it will truly be a digital footprint that can be useful for the future, said Zul.

Previously, Zul had a cough, influenza, and fever. Then he checked himself into the RSUD on Thursday (19/3). He underwent a series of corona virus tests, such as taking blood and X-ray samples.

From the results of the doctor’s examination, Zul said, everything was normal. He was even allowed to go home that day. It’s just that, its status becomes Corona ODP because it often takes the KRL train.

The doctor said that all those riding on the KRL were indeed ODP, even the medical personnel at the hospital were all ODP. So I didn’t panic at the time, said Zul.