Stories of Pilots and Flight Attendants Pick Up Hundreds of Indonesian Citizens in Wuhan

Stories of Pilots and Flight Attendants Pick Up Hundreds of Indonesian Citizens in Wuhan – Airbus 330-300CEO aircraft registration PK-LDY owned by Batik Air was flown to pick up hundreds of Indonesian citizens (WNI) from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. This humanitarian mission is carried out to prevent corona virus exposure to Indonesian citizens.

The Batik Air pilot, Captain Destyo Usodo, recounted the process of picking up 238 Indonesian citizens from Wuhan. Initially, Batik Air assigned Destyo along with other crew to repatriate hundreds of isolated Indonesian citizens in the Bamboo Curtain country. Without thinking, Destyo agreed to the order.

This is an order, an assignment from management to carry out this task. So at that time there was a Destyo Usodo assignment, we were assigned to carry out a humanitarian mission and at that time I was ready to carry it out, Destyo told and Media Indonesia at Metro TV Building, Jakarta, Monday, February 17, 2020.

The aircraft driven by Destyo took off from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten, at 13:00 local time (West Indonesia Time, GMT + 07) and was scheduled to arrive at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, at 19:00 local time (Time in Wuhan, Hubei, China Standard Time, GMT + 08).

Stories of Pilots and Flight Attendants Pick Up Hundreds of Indonesian Citizens in Wuhan

Destyo and the rest of the crew also had to wear personal protective equipment as a form of mitigation to prevent the transmission of the corona virus. He then wears a mask and gloves in accordance with the provisions agreed upon together.

Destyo said the aircraft crew area was actually quite safe even though it did not use personal protective equipment. Because the aircraft is equipped with a High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) tool that guarantees that up to 99.7 percent of any virus will not enter the cabin, whether it’s mers, sars, or corona.

“Everything is guaranteed to be safe. But earlier mitigation must still be used to prevent things that are not desirable,” he said.

Arriving in Wuhan, Destyo could not immediately transport the citizens back to Indonesia. Because the citizens must undergo several requirements such as licensing at Immigration and medical tests before returning to the country.

Destyo and the rest of the crew didn’t just wait for the Indonesian citizens. He demonstrated the evacuation process again until the citizens finally boarded the plane. Once the door is opened everyone is ready with personal protective equipment.

Flight number ID-8619 Wuhan Tianhe International Airport route to Hang Nadim International Airport, Batam, Riau Islands (BTH) departs at 04.30 local time (Time in Wuhan, Hubei, China Standard Time, GMT + 08) and has landed normally at Batam at 08.30 WIB (Western Indonesia Time, GMT + 07) on Sunday, February 2, 2020.

Destyo claimed to be proud to be able to carry out this humanitarian mission. Of the hundreds of pilots with the same competence, he and other crew were chosen to evacuate Indonesian citizens in Wuhan. Bandar Ceme Terbesar

Anxious Feelings

Destyo claimed to have worried when assigned to bring home citizens from Wuhan. Because the city is the center of the spread of the corona virus.
His name is also our people to go to an isolated area, lock down, and the virus is so malignant there is no cure, of course worry, yes, fear for sure, Destyo said.

However, he instilled three things in himself and his family before flying to Wuhan. First, he prayed for protection.

Secondly, of course what we carry is a healthy citizen, and that has been guaranteed by the PRC government, he said.

Third, there is a safety measure so that all preparations have been made to prevent contracting the corona virus. The Wuhan side also seriously inspected Indonesian citizens who were returning to Indonesia.

So before entering the plane they were screened right. One, two, three, and finally before entering the plane there was another health team from the health department to see whether they had corona symptoms or not. So it was safe, he said.

Believe in Yourself and Family

One of the Batik Air flight attendants who was in charge of picking up Indonesian citizens in Wuhan, Indah Nurfitri Djufri, also claimed to have had a sense of worry when she found out she would be assigned to the corona virus spreading region. However, he tried to believe in himself to accept the task of this humanitarian mission.
It’s natural to be afraid, but we immediately recalled the word from Mr. Budi (Head of the Health Crisis Center of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Budi Sylvana) also saying this is what we bring healthy people, not sick at all. So oh yes we are both healthy, here so strengthen each other, said Indah.

He then immediately called his parents to preach this humanitarian task. Initially, said Indah, the mother was shocked and scared. He also tried to convince his mother to still be in charge of picking up Indonesian citizens in Wuhan.

Stories of Pilots and Flight Attendants. I called you for the first time mama, I said ‘ma I got an assignment to this (Wuhan)’, mama was shocked, said ‘ah really? This is true, what a joke?’ startled saying, “Sis can’t you change the person? I’m still afraid. But I try to be sure, what we bring is a healthy person, I want to go home to meet my family too, so please pray. Yes, I can, finally leave, “he said.