Sheila Marcia Now Remarries a DJ

Sheila Marcia Now Remarries a DJ – Good news is enveloping Sheila Marcia. This mother of three children just got married at the GBI ROCK Center in Lembah Pujian, Bali on a beautiful date Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Sheila Marcia felt happiness again after her divorce from Kiki Marino.

Before marrying her new husband, Sheila experienced various life stories.

Sheila Marcia Now Remarries a DJ

He had struggled and fought for his three children.

At that time, Sheila decided to move to Bali and live with parents.

For the sake of being able to support her three children, Sheila opened a brow and lip embroidery business.

Understandably, Sheila is known as an artist who likes to tattoo the body.

Armed with this, Sheila opened tattoo outlets and embroidery studios in Bali.

In fact, he is often asked to be a mentor for anyone who wants to explore the ability to embroidery eyebrows and lips.

His second marriage was held closed in Bali 66ceme

After getting divorced from Kiki Marino, Sheila was reportedly married to DJ Dimas Akira yesterday.

The wedding took place in private in Bali.

Previously, Sheila was indeed famous for her complicated life.

Sheila Marcia was caught by the police and had to be in custody due to being caught in a drug case.

Not long after that, he had a conflict with singer Anji Manji due to being pregnant out of wedlock.

In the end, the children of Sheila Marcia and Anji were born on February 24, 2010 and named Leticia Charlotte.

Previously he had become a presenter lover and model Adi Nugroho, film player and soap opera Ricky Harun, Roger Danuarta and Jupiter Fortissimo.

One year later Sheila was first married to Kiki Marino in 2011.

He underwent a marriage relationship with Kiki Marino for 5 years and was blessed with 2 children from his relationship with Kiki Marino.

But Sheila’s household with Kiki did not last long, on May 18 2016 she officially sued for divorce Kiki Marino.

And in the end the woman who also had a close relationship with Roger Danuarta remarried for the second time.

Sheila looked beautiful in her white dress she was wearing during a wedding blessing procession.

In the photos uploaded by his friend, Sheila and Dimas look harmonious with a white wedding dress.

Sheila Marcia looks elegant when taking pictures while holding her bridal bouquet.

Reporting from the Tribune of Manado, before getting married Sheila Marcia was proposed by Dimas last year.

Last year, Sheila Marcia was spoken to coincide at Christmas celebrations.

Dimas’s application to Sheila was a Christmas present for Sheila, and this moment was uploaded on her Instagram social media account @itssheilamj.

Not much is known to the public that the husband of Sheila Marcia is a DJ who also works as an announcer and music director.

Dimas Akira has also been close and close to Sheila Marcia’s children.

Sheila Marcia said that so far she has been more focused on DJing and focusing on taking care of her family business.

One of the businesses that he was involved in was an eyebrow embroidery business that is now trending in the world of beauty.

Reporting from the social media Instgram Dimas @dmustakira, after marriage he and Sheila immediately resumed their activities as DJ again.