Schools Required to Publicize Using Dana

Schools Required to Publicize Using Dana – Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Nadiem Makarim, emphasized that the reporting system for school operational assistance (BOS) experienced tightening supervision. According to Nadiem, this tightening of supervision was carried out in line with the freedom of managing BOS Dana provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture. “Transparency and accountability are getting bigger. The more freedom they are given in the allocation of their use, the higher the transparency,” said Nadiem at the Ministry of Finance Office, Central Jakarta, Monday (02/10/2020).

Schools Required to Publicize Using Dana

Nadiem revealed, in 2019 there were only 53 percent of schools receiving BOS Dana that reported the use of these Dana through the Ministry of Education and Culture’s online system. This year, Nadiem made a policy of reporting on the use of BOS in stages. This year’s BOS funds are divided into three phases.

Schools that have not yet reported the use of the first and second stage of the budget will not receive the third tranche of BOS funds. “So, we have to have 100 percent of all schools reporting online, to be able to receive the third last shipment,” explained Nadiem. bandar ceme online indonesia

In addition, schools are also required to publicize the receipt and allocation of the use of these funds to the community. The publication can be done on the school information board. “So, not only the ministry can see the results of the report, but also the community around the school, the community, and parents can see BOS funds used for anything. This is to increase transparency,” concluded Nadiem.

Jakarta – The Ministry of Finance together with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture have agreed to change the distribution scheme for School Operational Assistance (BOS) funds by 2020.

The government set a BOS budget of Rp 54.32 trillion in 2020 or an increase of 6.35% compared to the previous year.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that the change of the scheme only occurred in regular BOS. The BOS fund program itself becomes the remaining three parts: BOS performance and BOS affirmation remain in accordance with applicable regulations.

“For this afternoon we focus on regular BOS. BOS performance for schools is performing well, this remains unchanged and BOS affirmations to support disadvantaged areas, transmigration, and outermost will still be carried out with mechanisms that have been running. So the mechanism changes are only for regular BOS , “Sri Mulyani said at the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Monday (02/10/2020).

The former Managing Director of the World Bank revealed that the change in the scheme applies to all schools in Indonesia, especially to state schools and some private schools that receive BOS. The change that occurred was in the amount of unit cost, where for Elementary School (SD) to Rp 900 thousand per child from the previous Rp 800 thousand.

Then, for junior high schools (SMP) to Rp 1.1 million per child from the previous Rp 1 million. For high schools (SMA) to Rp 1.5 million per child from the previous Rp 1.4 million, and for vocational schools it remains the same, Rp 2 million per child.

Regarding the distribution scheme, the woman who is familiarly called Ani also revealed the change, which is only three stages from the previous four stages. In this new scheme the amount of phase I is 30%, stage II is 40%, and stage III is 30%.

Meanwhile, the first phase of disbursement is the fastest in January, the second phase is the fastest in April, and the third phase is in September.

“With three times it means that it will be much simpler and the conditions for disbursement are following the Ministry of Education and Culture. For other BOS performance and affirmations, we will give April 100% at the same time,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim said there were some changes to the scheme that would be implemented in distribution and BOS in 2020, including the Ministry of Finance directly transfering BOS funds to the accounts of each school.

“Previously the Ministry of Finance transferred to the regional general cash account (RKUD), now directly to the school account,” Nadiem said.

Not only that, another change was the stipulation of recipient school decree made by the Ministry of Education and Culture with data verification by the provincial and district / city governments. Previously, the stipulation of the recipient school decree was carried out by the regional government.

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