Prohibited From Gathering During Corona, Residents Insisting on Gathering Can be Penalized

Prohibited From Gathering During Corona, Residents Insisting on Gathering Can be Penalized – Police Headquarters is ready to take firm action against people who are still gathering or making a crowd refuse to be disbanded.

This action was taken to anticipate the spread of the Corona virus alias COVID-19 in Indonesia. The Head of the Public Relations Division at the National Police Headquarters, Inspector General M. Iqbal said that the police did not hesitate to impose criminal penalties if there were residents who remained adamant to stage the crowd amidst this corona outbreak.

Prohibited From Gathering

“If there are stubborn people who do not heed the orders of personnel tasked with the interests of the state, for the benefit of the nation’s people. We will proceed with articles 212 of the Criminal Code, 216 of the Criminal Code and 218 of the Criminal Code,” Iqbal said, Monday (3/23/2020) .

Even so, Iqbal said that members of the Indonesian National Police would prioritize persuasive action by inviting people who were crowded better to stay at home.

“It must be stressed today that the National Police do not want to result in crowds, let alone just kongkow-kongkow, and cause this virus to increase. We will carry out the dissolution if necessary very firmly. But remember the persistent humanist language we will move forward first. With whatever consequences we will continue “Our task as protectors and protectors of the community is to maintain the safety and security of the community,” said Iqbal. referral

Iqbal also explained the article that was used for people who remained stubborn to gather and make a crowd. The articles used are 212, 216 and 218 of the Criminal Code.

The following reads Article 212 of the Criminal Code:

“Anyone with violence or threat of violence against an official who is carrying out a legitimate duty, or a person who according to legal requirements or at the request of the official gives help to him, is threatened because he is against an official, with a maximum imprisonment of one year and four months or criminal a maximum fine of four thousand five hundred rupiah.

In connection with article 214 of the Criminal Code, if this is done by two or more people then the criminal threat is a maximum of seven years imprisonment.

Then, Article 216 paragraph (1) reads:

“Whoever intentionally does not obey orders or requests carried out according to the law by an official whose job is to supervise something, or by an official based on his duty, as well as who is authorized to investigate or investigate a criminal offense; likewise whoever deliberately prevents, obstructs – thwart or thwart actions to carry out the provisions of the law carried out by one of these officials, threatened with imprisonment for a maximum of four months two weeks or a maximum fine of nine thousand rupiah. Prohibited From Gathering

Finally, Article 218 of the Criminal Code reads:

“Anyone who, when the people come together deliberately, does not leave immediately after being ruled three times by or on behalf of the authorities, threatened by participating in grouping with a maximum imprisonment of four months and two weeks or a maximum fine of nine thousand rupiahs.