Police Raid Ilegal Mask Factory in North Jakarta

Police Raid Ilegal Mask Factory in North Jakarta – The Jakarta Police Directorate of Drugs raided an illegal mask manufacturing factory utilizing the corona virus issue in the Cilincing area, North Jakarta. From the raid 10 people were secured along with evidence.

Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner Yusri Yunus said the arrest began with public information related to the existence of an illegal mask manufacturing company. While the raids were carried out on Thursday (27/2).

10 people were secured namely YRH as the person in charge, EE as the warehouse keeper, D as the machine operator, S and LF as the driver and F, DK, SL, SF, and EF as workers, Yusri said in Jakarta, Friday (28 / 2).

Police Raid Ilegal Mask Factory in North Jakarta

From the raid, Yusri said that his party had secured 1,500 mask boxes worth Rp 360 million. The mask does not have the permission of the Ministry of Health and the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Rumus Bandar Ceme

Strong suspicion that the location of PT Unotech Mega Persada is a storage warehouse. So the team conducted a search and it turned out that the location was not only a store but also produced medical devices in the form of masks, Yusri said.

The mask is sold for Rp. 230 thousand per box.

Yusri said YRH as the person in charge deliberately took the opportunity in the midst of a corona virus outbreak. He began producing these illegal masks from January 2020.

This is related to the outbreak of corona virus outbreaks in several countries, followed by the scarcity of medical devices in the form of masks, so that eventually many businesses carry out activities to produce, distribute, store medical devices in the form of masks not in accordance with applicable regulations, Yusri said.

Yusri said after the investigation, the perpetrators were named as suspects. They snared Article 197 subsidiary Article 196 of Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health and Article 107 of Law Number 7 of 2014 concerning Trade.