Coppa Italia Semifinals: AC Milan vs Juventus

Coppa Italia Semifinals: AC Milan vs Juventus – After Inter Milan bent the guest, Napoli with a score of 0-1 early this morning, the first leg match of the 2019/2020 Coppa Italia semi-final will be re-played on Friday (2/14/2020) early morning hrs.

AC Milan will host Juventus in the super big match at San Siro, Milan.

Coppa Italia Semifinals

Magical duo aging geeks, Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the stronghold of AC Milan and Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus will also be exhibited at this party, of course if they are not saved by their respective coaches.

Although not necessarily played since the early minutes, or maybe not revealed, the magical Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo have managed to ignite the great enthusiasm of the tifosi.

How not, the match will be the match with the most number of spectators in the stadium in the history of the Coppa Italia semifinals!

As reported by Italian Football, this match between AC Milan vs Juventus has broken the record number of spectators. Already 70 thousand tickets have been sold. Agen Bandar Ceme Online

For a match that is not a Serie A match, the AC Milan vs. Juventus party this morning practically broke the audience record on the Coppa Italia stage.

how about the latest form, AC Milan was unbeaten in seven matches in all competitions since the arrival of Ibrahimovic in the January 2020 transfer market.

Unfortunately a thousand dear, AC Milan finally surrendered 2-4 in the Derby della Madonnina match against city rivals, Inter Milan in the Italian League continued last weekend.

It is unfortunate because AC Milan actually had a 2-0 lead at half-time, where Ibrahimovic packed one goal and one assist.

On the other hand, the morale of Juventus also seems to be a bit down. Juventus also reap the minor results in the Italian League continued match last weekend.

Juventus were unexpectedly beaten 1-2 at the headquarters of the Hellas Verona promotion team, even though the Bianconeri also had a chance to excel even though it was via Ronaldo’s 20th goal in the league this season.

Coppa Italia Semifinals

For additional information, AC Milan and Juventus have already met once in this 2019/2020 season, namely in the 12th giornata match.

Playing at Juventus Stadium, Turin, Juventus beat the guest with a thin score of 1-0. Paulo Dybala scored the only goal as well as the Bianconeri’s winning goal.

European Union Urges Israel Not To Take The Jordan Valley

European Union Urges Israel Not To Take The Jordan Valley – European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell urges Israel not to annex the Jordan Valley. According to him, these actions could ignite large protests from Palestinians.

“This is possible. You can be sure this will not be peaceful,” Borrell said when speaking to the European Parliament on Tuesday (11/2) quoted by the Middle East Monitor page.

On that occasion, he reaffirmed the Middle East peace plan, including for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was drafted by President of the United States (US) Donald Trump. In addition to violating international law, the plan has the potential to bury the peace process of both parties.

The proposal submitted two weeks ago clearly opposes internationally agreed parameters. It is difficult to see how this initiative can bring the two parties back to the negotiations, Borrell said.

He claimed to have expressed his views to the US. We need to ask ourselves whether this plan provides a basis for progress or not, he said.

European Union Urges Israel Not To Take The Jordan Valley

On Tuesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed his rejection of Trump’s peace plan before the UN Security Council. “This plan revokes the rights of Palestinians, our right to self-determination, freedom and independence in our own country,” Abbas was quoted as saying on the Algerian website.

Abbas believes Trump’s peace plan has approved what is illegal. His statement refers to Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank region. Login 99Bandar

On that occasion, Abbas also stressed that the rejection of Trump’s peace plan was not only voiced by his country. The Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the African Union and the European Union also behave the same as Palestine.

Nevertheless, Abbas believes that peace between Israel and Palestine is still possible and can be achieved. We are still committed to peace as a strategic choice, he said.

The Middle East peace plan released by Trump on January 28 drew much criticism and protest. In the plan, Trump’s partiality is very apparent towards Israel’s political interests related to the resolution of the conflict with the Palestinians.

Trump declared Jerusalem an undivided capital of Israel. He also acknowledged the Israeli occupation of parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley. With these plans, the Palestinian position increasingly marginalized. Palestinians can no longer expect East Jerusalem as the future capital of their country.

The territories that Palestine wants, based on the 1967 border line, are also dispersed. Because Israel has annexed parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

Anya Geraldine Wet with Baim Wong

Jakarta – Anya Geraldine gets wet with artist Baim Wong. What are the two doing to the point of making Anya’s name on Google Trending and highlighting netizens?

This woman, whose real name is Nur Amalina Hayati, uploaded a photo of water playing with Kiano Tiger Wong’s father. Both expressions were highlighted by netizens.

Anya Geraldine Wet with Baim Wong

The following is about Anya Geraldine which is summarized detikHot:

  • Anya Geraldine Selebgram

Anya was born in Jakarta on December 15, 1995. This beautiful girl is a celebrity. He has several times uploaded sexy poses on his Instagram. Before becoming a celebrity, Anya was a model.

  • Anya Geraldine Movie Player

This beautiful woman is now reaching the world of film. He has starred in ‘The Moon Drowning in Your Face’ with former Bio One girlfriends. In addition he played in the films ‘Yowis Ben 2’ and ‘Tusuk Telanjung in Lubang Buaya’. ceme online terpercaya

  • Anya Geraldine Often Makes Vulgar Vlogs with Girlfriends

Anya Geraldine’s name is known publicly due to the controversy of vulgar vlogs that she uploaded to her YouTube channel. In the 2016 video, the woman who majored in Communication PR is on vacation together with her lover at the time, Okky Raditya. Anya was also seen wearing minimal clothing and even lying down and swimming with Okky. There is also a video that shows his intimate moments with Okky ranging from hugging to soaking together in the jacuzzi.

  • Anya Geraldine was reprimanded by KPAI

Because of her vulgar posting, Anya Geraldine received a reprimand by the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI). This is because Anya’s upload is considered to have a negative impact on children. Moreover, children are now actively playing social media. KPAI also asked Anya to better maintain her attitude on social media. That post has now been deleted.

  • Anya Geraldine Has a Boyfriend

Anya is now dating Ovi Rangkuti. Ovi is not from celebrities but office workers. Both of them are getting stickier and seem to have no hesitation in showing off their intimacy with their boyfriends.

Prior to Ovi, Anya Geraldine was reportedly in love with the Bio One actor. Both of them announced their relationship on Instagram and their love story only lasted for 4 months.

Even before with Bio One, Anya had an intimate relationship with Okky Raditya. Anya gave a luxury Mercedes-Benz branded car as a birthday present for Okky.

Also read: It turns out this is Anya Geraldine’s job to make money

  • Anya Geraldine Wet with Baim Wong

Anya Geraldine is seen playing water with Baim Wong. This can be seen from Anya @anyageraldine’s personal Instagram upload. seemed to spend time together. From the uploads of the celebrity, it seems like they are indeed collaborating with the content going forward.

“What are you doing here? Can anyone guess what we are going to do ?! Wait for the end of the month! Coming soon,” wrote Anya.

In that moment, Baim was seen spewing water at Anya with his hand. Baim’s expression when spouting water at Anya was in the spotlight.

Seeing the photos and words uploaded by Anya, Instagram users also commented and answered Anya’s questions.

“What is clear is that you want to swim,” wrote the @khairulverpool account.
“Even so beautiful, Alloh,” wrote the @ernas_awan account.
“Baim desires I see Anya,” wrote dw992.

Karen Pooroe’s Daughter, former Indonesian Idol dies

Pooroe's Daughter dies

Karen Pooroe’s Daughter, former Indonesian Idol dies – The reappearance of the name of Karen Pooroe in the entertainment world does not want to promote her latest album or song but rather sad news.
The singer, who was born from the Indonesian Idol talent search event, had to let his only child named Zephaniah be the one to die forever.

Karen Pooroe’s Daughter, former Indonesian Idol dies

In the middle of her divorce case with her husband named Arya Claproth, she was suddenly shocked by this sad news.
Her 6.5-year-old Daughter fell from a balcony on the 6th floor of her husband’s apartment around 10pm Friday night in the Jakarta area.

The death of this child was not immediately known by Karen because on Saturday she just heard this news not from her husband instead of the National Commission for Child Protection.

Known Because it has been nearly 6 months not met with her baby because it was banned and taken away by her husband. His wish to meet his daughter was fulfilled, but in his condition his child was already lying rigid.

The family of Because did not allow Arya to come to the funeral which was because indeed during this time the two relations were in a bad condition.
The death of the child leaves a big question mark because the fall of the child is suspected because of the child’s negligence poker online chip gratis.

Because if viewed from the balcony of the apartment the fence is too high for a 6.5-year-old child. The case was also brought by the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) to the legal route to reveal the death of a minor.

According to her husband’s (Arya) acknowledgment that on the night of the incident she was working and using a headset on the grounds that she was already accustomed to using a headset.
While that night it was raining so much that he did not know where his child was playing.

Now the police are looking for the cause of death of the child and if there is indeed an element of neglect then Arya can be secured by the police for further information.
Differences in recognition with the caregiver Zephaniah said that when bathing the body of the child, there were no bruises on his entire body.
Because if you fall there must be a bruise on the body or on the head, but the caregiver said there were no bruises at all.

Now the case is being handled by the police and Karen’s family hopes the police can reveal the cause of death of the child and he also hopes the divorce process with Arya can be quickly completed.

61 People on a Yacht Quarantined by Japan are Positive Corona Virus

61 People on a Yacht Quarantined by Japan are Positive Corona Virus – Diamond Princess ship containing 3,700 passengers had to be quarantined at the Port of Yokohama, Japan, because there was a spread of the corona virus. As of Friday (7/2), as many as 61 passengers were infected with the virus from Wuhan.

The results of the 171 most recent medical tests have come out, and 41 have been positive. In total, of the 273 specimens, a total of 61 have been positive, Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said.

Today they will be sent to hospitals in several prefectures and we are now preparing it, continued Kato. LINK 99BANDAR

This virus originated from a passenger from Hong Kong who previously disembarked from the ship on January 25. Japan decided to quarantine the ship last Saturday (1/2) and Tuesday.

Those diagnosed as positive and infected are passengers from Japan, America, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and England. Kato said testing for passengers would be tightened.

Previously, officers only focused on testing passengers who only showed symptoms or had close contact with passengers who were positive for the corona virus. Now, officials will test those who are vulnerable to the disease, including the elderly and accompanied by suffering from other diseases.

61 People on a Yacht Quarantined by Japan are Positive Corona Virus

However, Kanto did not specify the number of passengers who met these criteria and when an advanced medical test would be carried out.

The quarantine of the ship is likely to last until February 19. Passengers must remain in the cabin to prevent transmission or new infections.

However, this decision made the passengers – who had no prior preparation – very confused and frustrated. It had never occurred to them going on a luxury cruise into a nightmare.

“Just woke up without sleep,” wrote Yardley Wong, a passenger, tweeting his complaint on Twitter.

The situation is very emotional … I want to cry.

Passengers who do not have windows in their rooms are allowed to enter the deck to get fresh air. In tight security, they must wear masks when leaving the room.

Quarantine officers require that you all avoid gathering in large groups and keep a distance of at least one meter between each other when you speak, the boat captain said in an announcement Friday morning.

We require you to wear warm clothing, hats and minimum scarves if possible, he added.

In Japan, the number of corona virus sufferers reaches 25 people. If added to the passengers of the ship, the number of corona patients in Japan touched 86 people.

How To Make Delicious Fried Rice

Delicious Fried Rice

How To Make Delicious Fried Rice – To make delicious fried rice does not require complicated ingredients and how to cook it also does not need to be complicated. Fried rice is very fitting for food during breakfast in the morning.

How To Make Delicious Fried Rice

With easy cooking techniques, anyone who can make delicious fried rice. Just need a sticky Teflon and also a big fire, it will definitely make the taste of fried rice will be so delicious.

To make delicious fried rice in 1 serving, you need several ingredients as below.

Necessary materials :

  • Non-stick Teflon and if for better results use a steel cauldron
  • Enough vegetable oil 2 tablespoons only
  • Garlic 2 clove
  • Shallots 3 cloves
  • Vegetables (free of mustard greens or any vegetables) but this time we will use green mustard greens
  • Pepper powder half a teaspoon
  • 1 tablespoon salty soy sauce
  • Half a teaspoon broth powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg

For complement, you can add sausage pieces / shredded fried chicken / meatballs or you can also use ground chicken breast.

And the main thing is white rice. For white rice do not be too soft so that the texture of the rice is destroyed when fried.

The next step is finely chopped shallot and garlic, make 1 fried egg half cooked. Cut enough mustard greens, thinly cut sausages or meatballs daftar poker online terpercaya.

How to cook it, namely preheat the Teflon or steel skillet first, then add the cooking oil and wait until it is hot enough.

Add the finely chopped garlic and red bottom. If you have started to turn yellow, then add the sausage or meatballs and grated chicken meat.

Stir constantly until it looks half cooked in the meat. Don’t stop stirring so that the ingredients don’t burn because of the great fire effect.

Then add the chopped vegetables and keep stirring. Then add the white rice and keep stirring until the rice does not clot.

Add chicken broth powder, soy sauce, salt and also salt. Stir constantly so as not to harden.

If it smells good, immediately remove and drain. Put fried eggs on top of it and can also add a sprinkling of fried shallots to make it more delicious.

China Not Allow Cambodian Government to Visit Wuhan

China Not Allow Cambodian Government to Visit Wuhan – The Chinese government has refused permission from the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, to visit Wuhan City which was closed due to the corona virus outbreak.

China Not Allow Cambodian

“Considering the fact that the Wuhan City government is doing everything in its power to deal with the plague and tight agenda, we cannot arrange visits at this time,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying told a press conference in Beijing.

Hun Sen’s reason for visiting Wuhan was to personally observe and ensure Cambodian students residing in China remained calm and did not need to fear the corona virus outbreak. Previously, he was criticized for asking his citizens trapped in Wuhan to remain calm and not evacuate them from China.

Hun Sen is known as an ally of China. Over public criticism, Hun Sen remained with his decision. He even threatened to expel reporters who wore masks at a press conference.

When this is detected there is one person who is positively infected by the corona virus in Cambodia. He is a man from China who came from Wuhan. Link MenangCeme

The Chinese Health Commission reports that up to this day cases of the spread of the corona virus have recorded 28,018 worldwide. Deaths from corona virus in China totaled 562 and recorded worldwide 564. China Not Allow Cambodian

Hun Sen dared to fight. He dares to save the nation. Hun Sen dared to risk his life to end the battle. Why didn’t Hun Sen dare to go to Wuhan City to visit Cambodian students? You don’t know Hun Sen’s abilities, so don’t dare to challenge him, “said Hun Sen

China Not Allow Cambodian

Malaysia will reject applications for visas for Chinese citizens, especially from Wuhan and Hubei province, where the corona virus is spread.

Kuala Lumpur said the refusal was carried out to follow World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines so that the spread of the corona virus would not further spread. China Not Allow Cambodian

Besides China, the spread of the corona virus is currently recorded in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Ivory Coast

Until now the victim died from the corona virus or also known as 2019-nCoV in China has reached 106 people. The latest confirmed number of cases is 4,515.

Viral Wife Take Husband to Remarry

Viral video of a wife taking her husband to remarry. From the video uploaded by the @ MSAndiP8 Twitter account, the wife kisses her husband’s hand.

Of the eight video clips uploaded by the account, they look very mature preparing everything. There is also a upload screen capture comments or private messages that allegedly came from his first wife.

Viral Wife Take Husband to Remarry

Video TikTok wife between husband remarried again viral on various social media. The video is also referred to by netizens as a video TikTok wife between polygamous husbands shows, a woman wearing a veil took her husband to the consent consent granted.

Not only that, in other videos seen the wife who veiled welcomed the bride who will marry her husband.

Suddenly the wife’s TikTok video between polygamous husbands became a warm conversation among citizens. Having previously circulated on Facebook, the @lambe_turah account on Instagram also uploaded the video.

Then who is the wife who took the husband to remarry?

From HR Online’s search, the wife who took her husband to polygamy was a participant of the Indonesian Sahur Indonesian Academy (AKSI) in 2015. He was known as the Gold Princess Yanti.

While her husband is a Cijeungjing Boarding School Leader who is usually called Abah Cijeungjing. He is also known as the Chairperson of the Sholawat Wabaarik Malem Rebo Assembly

Before marriage, Gold was known to live in Karawang, with her parents. When she was finally edited by Abah Cijeungjing, Emas followed her husband. agen ceme deposit pulsa

In the video TikTok the wife between the polygamous husband, Gold looks tough when sending her husband to remarry with another woman. The TikTok video was accompanied by Rosa’s Ayat-Ayat Cinta song, making the polygamy video look blue.

Reasons for Wives Between Husbands to Remarry
Gold then wrote the reason for allowing her husband to remarry. On his Facebook account, Gold said he wants to ease the burden on her husband.

“Humans are not perfect, I have weaknesses and strengths. My strengths can be a businessman, can also be a cleric. However, I also have shortcomings, I cannot hold two jobs at once, “Gold wrote.

Gold claimed to have 11 companies that he manages with his husband. Because she felt unable to take care of herself, she finally asked her husband to remarry.

“My current position cannot hold two jobs. I finally found a wife for this struggle. Like that, ma’am, said Emas.

First Wife Prepares for Her Husband’s Marriage
Emas also claims to be preparing for her husband’s marriage. Starting from the application, to shopping for dowry and contract preparation.

Because of this, the wives between the remarried husbands asked that citizens do not bad mouth their husbands, because it was said that Gold, her husband did not know anything.

“If you want to hate, do not speak ill of my husband, but me, because I was the one who prepared the husband’s consent,” he concluded.

7 Photo Different Situation Before and After

7 Photo Different Situation Before and After – The changes that occur after a family or have children will certainly feel different. If usually you can be 7 Photo Different free to do anything and go anywhere. But after having children your focus will change

The division of time when with children or in the middle of wanting to do their own activities must be really well thought out. In addition, some changes in activities can also be felt when you have children.

For new parents, of course, having children requires adjustments. Both from hours of sleep to a variety of activities to be carried out. Illustration of the difference between after and before having the following child may have been or is being felt by you. The following are some illustrative snapshots of the Aplikasi Bandar Ceme different situations before having children 7 Photo Different and after having children.

The following is a picture of reality pictures that I will share :

7 Photo Different
7 Photo Different
7 Photo Different
7 Photo Different
7 Photo Different

10 Dangerous Beaches of Southeast Asia

10 Dangerous Beaches of Southeast Asia – Apparently not all beaches are safe to visit. About 10 beaches in Southeast Asia are called unsafe. Bali entered the list.
The global travel site The Travel recently released a list of 10 dangerous beaches in Southeast Asia. There are reasons why they are called dangerous

In the list, there is the name of one beach in Bali that is included in the list. In fact, this beach is already quite popular with tourists. However, there are dangers that lurked the beach. Here’s the list:

  • Kuta Beach

Yes, Kuta Beach is 1 of 10 beaches in Southeast Asia that are listed as dangerous. The danger is not due to safety reasons, but apparently because of seasonal garbage that often makes this beach dirty during the rainy season.

In his writings, The Travel called Kuta Beach as the dirtiest beach in Bali. If it is not specifically handled by the Government, there is fear that eventually Kuta Beach will become a landfill or landfill site.

  • Sidapan Beach, Malaysia

Sidapan Beach in Sabah is touted as the most vulnerable beach in Malaysia. Beyond the beach panorama, the general view on this beach is a group of Malaysian police on patrol.

The reason, the beach is often the location of abductions. So often, there are many countries that issue travel warnings to this beach. Horrified!

10 Dangerous Beaches of Southeast Asia

  • Andaman Beach, Sentinel Island

The name Andaman Beach on Sentinel Island may not be too popular in the ears of travelers. Although quite beautiful, but its name lost by a series of reports of losses involving local tribes.

One of the most popular is the news about the loss of 27-year-old American tourist, after trying to establish contact with tribes on Andaman Beach. I was so primitive, the Andaman Islands are still very closed to the outside world.

  • Koh Rong Beach, Cambodia

About the danger, the name of Koh Rong Beach in Cambodia is full of a history of violence as reported by the Khmer Times media. Not a few foreign tourists who were attacked by locals while on vacation at this beach.

Finally, a missing British backpacker corpse was found at the beach in October 2019. The investigation was still rolling.

  • Jomtien Beach, Thailand

According to reviews from the TripAdvisor site, Jomtien Beach is called a dead beach. Rumor has it, this one beach is cursed and hit by bad luck.

The proof, a few months ago the body of a homeless woman was found lifeless on the beach. In fact there are also British tourists who accidentally fell from his condo to the beach. Not to mention there are dozens of dead turtles who drifted mysteriously to shore.

  • Muara Beach, Brunei Darussalam

Another deadly beach is the Muara Beach in Brunei Darussalam. This beautiful beach has experienced a number of successive accidents that claimed lives.

Not to mention there are also a number of cases of tourists drowning to ship wrecks on this beach. However, this beach is quite popular among tourists. Bandar Ceme Terpercaya 2020

  • Tungku Beach, Brunei Darussalam

Still from Brunei Darussalam, Tungku Beach is also one of the most dangerous beaches in Southeast Asia. Similar to Kuta, the rubbish issue makes this beach only get a 3/5 rating on TripAdvisor.

  • Koh Tao Beach, Thailand

By The Travel, Koh Tao Beach in Thailand is dubbed the island of death for one reason or another. Noted, there are 11 terrible incidents that led to the death of tourists there.

Reportedly, not a few criminals targeting packpackers and couples of tourists who vacation to the beach ..

  • Koh Samui, Thailand

Still from Thailand, there is Koh Samui which is also called dangerous. Similar to Koh Tao, Koh Samui also has a criminal record that led to the death of tourists. For security reasons, tourists are also encouraged to come to this beach in groups for security.

The weather on this beach which is not friendly also often causes problems, apart from criminal cases that often occur on this beach.

  • Ha Tinh Beach, Vietnam

Finally, there is Ha Tinh Beach in Vietnam. After the natural disaster in 2016, not a few residents were made unemployed and affected local businesses.

These conditions are increasingly exacerbated by the threat of pollution. It is known, nearly 2 tons of dead fish stranded on this beach during 2019 ago.