Karen Pooroe’s Daughter, former Indonesian Idol dies

Pooroe's Daughter dies

Karen Pooroe’s Daughter, former Indonesian Idol dies – The reappearance of the name of Karen Pooroe in the entertainment world does not want to promote her latest album or song but rather sad news.
The singer, who was born from the Indonesian Idol talent search event, had to let his only child named Zephaniah be the one to die forever.

Karen Pooroe’s Daughter, former Indonesian Idol dies

In the middle of her divorce case with her husband named Arya Claproth, she was suddenly shocked by this sad news.
Her 6.5-year-old Daughter fell from a balcony on the 6th floor of her husband’s apartment around 10pm Friday night in the Jakarta area.

The death of this child was not immediately known by Karen because on Saturday she just heard this news not from her husband instead of the National Commission for Child Protection.

Known Because it has been nearly 6 months not met with her baby because it was banned and taken away by her husband. His wish to meet his daughter was fulfilled, but in his condition his child was already lying rigid.

The family of Because did not allow Arya to come to the funeral which was because indeed during this time the two relations were in a bad condition.
The death of the child leaves a big question mark because the fall of the child is suspected because of the child’s negligence poker online chip gratis.

Because if viewed from the balcony of the apartment the fence is too high for a 6.5-year-old child. The case was also brought by the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) to the legal route to reveal the death of a minor.

According to her husband’s (Arya) acknowledgment that on the night of the incident she was working and using a headset on the grounds that she was already accustomed to using a headset.
While that night it was raining so much that he did not know where his child was playing.

Now the police are looking for the cause of death of the child and if there is indeed an element of neglect then Arya can be secured by the police for further information.
Differences in recognition with the caregiver Zephaniah said that when bathing the body of the child, there were no bruises on his entire body.
Because if you fall there must be a bruise on the body or on the head, but the caregiver said there were no bruises at all.

Now the case is being handled by the police and Karen’s family hopes the police can reveal the cause of death of the child and he also hopes the divorce process with Arya can be quickly completed.