Indonesian National Team Cancel Competing, PT LIB Plans to Change League Schedule 1 2020

Indonesian National Team Cancel Competing, PT LIB Plans to Change League Schedule 1 2020 – Operational Director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) Sudjarno said that his party intends to change the schedule of League 1 2020. That was due to the withdrawal of FIFA Matchday schedule on March 21-31 following the spread of the corona virus.

In fact, at that time PT LIB closed the competition to provide opportunities for players who played in the national team.

Indonesian National Team

Therefore, rather than being empty, PT LIB prefers to advance the schedule of League 1. However, before making a decision PT LIB will conduct discussions with League 1 2020 participants.

“Yes, it was advanced for weeks 12 and 13, progressing to March 16-30. Because the first FIFA match agenda was postponed, March was delayed to October because of the corona problem,” Sudjarno said in Jakarta on Friday (3/13/2020) ).

“To adjust to this, PSSI is asking to fill the postponement of the vacant schedule, so that we will advance to the 12th and 13th week of March, so that League 1 will be completed according to schedule, which is the end of October,” he explained.

“Because if we don’t advance it, the second round will be very tight, the League 1 competition might be finished in December to January 2021, instead it was delayed,” he added. Bermain Poker

Furthermore, Sudjarno said that he had written to PSSI related to this problem. Later there will also be an emergency meeting between PT LIB and the Liga 1 club.

Indonesian National Team

“We have written to the club, maybe we will finish this League 2 kick off (March 14, 2020), if possible next Sunday to arrange an emergency manager meeting, for example, that we set, because this league must go on,” he concluded.

The Indonesia U-16 national team has held a TC since March 9, 2020 at Candotabhaga Patriot Stadium, Bekasi. Supposedly, the training camp will end on March 20.

“TC Indonesia U-16 national team was dismissed. We took it safe too,” said the Indonesian U-16 national team coach, Milky Way to, Monday (3/16/2020).

Bima revealed, the condition of the Indonesian U-16 national team players in good condition.

“Our players have returned home. When we disperse, Alhamdulillah, all are healthy,” said the former Indonesian national team coach at the 2018 AFF Cup.