First Case 2 Corona Indonesian Citizen

First Case 2 Corona Indonesian Citizen

First Case 2 Corona Indonesian Citizen – After many countries have officially announced that they have been positively affected by the Corona outbreak, it is now Indonesia’s turn to announce that there have been two citizens affected by this virus.

First Case 2 Corona Indonesian Citizen

Concerns from the government about this also occurred after many previously suspected patients had no proven positive corona.
Hearing this the government did not stay silent and took quick steps to quarantine the two patients.

Because if it’s too late it can be fatal and can transmit the virus more quickly to many people.
The confirmation of this patient was officially announced by President Joko Widodo who said that the two men had previously interacted with Japanese citizens who were positively affected by corona.

“It turns out that these 2 patients have been positively affected by corona namely a 64-year-old mother and her 31-year-old daughter. “That’s what President Jokowi said at the State Palace on 2 March 2020.

Until now it has not been explained in more detail where the two patients were quarantined because it had just been announced that Indonesia had been exposed to this dangerous virus.
For this matter it is no longer surprising to many Indonesian professors. This is considering that Indonesia is one of the countries visited by foreign tourists Situs Poker Online Terbesar.

At least 15,000 foreigners enter or leave Indonesia every day. The proof is that Bali is the center of foreign tourists arriving every day.
So it’s not strange if Indonesia has a lot of gaps from this virus can enter.

Especially now that this virus has mutated in a sense without showing symptoms, a person can be easily infected and of course have to undergo a longer recovery period because the virus is slightly immune and mutates unexpectedly.

The government also appealed that the Indonesian people do not need to panic about this because patients have been handled well and quarantined.
However, despite being advised not to panic, there are still many residents who are afraid to do activities outside the home. Cause many quiet supermarkets and shopping centers.

What is also worrying about is the high price of masks and limited stock which causes confusion, which can cause a weakening of the national economy.

On this matter the government will really limit the entry of foreigners to Indonesia especially Chinese citizens.