End the Corona Statistics Chaos

End the Corona Statistics Chaos – Even though it was late, President Joko Widodo’s statement about the need for the government to open Covid-19 data was a relief. This statement corrects the attitude of the government which previously seemed to cover up the number of positive patients and people suspected of being infected. Initially, Jokowi assumed transparency could make people worried. He forgets, without an open attitude, even regional quarantine will not be effective in resolving a pandemic.

Covering up the Covid-19 statistic is useless – it actually makes a chaotic atmosphere. Instead of making the public calm, the data being sorted out makes the government make the wrong decision. Officials who cite erroneous information will simplify the problem and make many people lose their sense of crisis. When the information is actually revealed later, the government will lose its basic credibility in mobilizing social solidarity in the crisis era.

However much the President’s oversight has been stated openly, the confusion of data still continues. Look at what happened in DKI Jakarta. The capital city government recently announced the number of people buried in Jakarta, far above the pre-pandemic average. Generally the bodies were buried with the procedure of Covid-19 sufferers – an early indication that the number of deaths due to a pandemic was far higher than the figures claimed by the central government.

End the Corona Statistics Chaos

There is no evidence that all of them died because of Covid-19. Perhaps the funeral protocol was taken to maintain the safety of medical officers, families and funeral officers. But it is not impossible otherwise that happened: the deceased were infected with corona, but have not been stated positive. The causes are various. It could be that they did not have time to be tested or the test results had not come out when they died.

Embellished with political sentiments and tensions between Jokowi and DKI Governor Anies Baswedan, the difference in data then gave birth to suspicions. One accuses the central government of understating the number of victims, the other accuses the DKI government of seeking mere sensation. With regard to these differences, the Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Countermeasures must consolidate data – check differences, clarify, then report to the public. poker online

Purifying turbid data is not an easy matter. In most provinces, apart from not yet practicing a corona victim reporting system, the centralization of the swab testing laboratory is suspected to be the cause. The last problem should be solved soon. The government has added the swipe test laboratory from 3 to 29, to later be developed to 78. Laboratory tests can be carried out in many places outside the Capital.

Being open does not mean centralizing data. Central government openness should be implemented with respect to information released by local governments, private institutions, or other independent bodies. The Task Force should not make Ministry of Health data the only benchmark.

Do not hesitate to correct the wrong data. What New York, United States did, could be a lesson. Last week, the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, announced 3,778 additional deaths from corona because previously people who died with symptoms of Covid-19 but had not been tested were not counted. The change was triggered by the existence of new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there.

In short, throw away political motives in this statistical pandemic problem. Hiding victims is as dangerous as exaggerating the number of victims.