Enchanted by the Magical Forest Aura De Jambangan

Enchanted by the Magical Forest Aura De Jambangan – Banyuwangi has a beautiful forest in the Lord of The Rings movie. The scenery is beautiful.

Traveling over the last few years has been one of the dream destinations for travelers. Its unique culture, rich appetizing menu and an incredible array of nature-themed destinations. One of them is the Forest of Dj Djuhan located in Benculuk Village, Cluring District, Banyuwangi Regency.

For the first time ever entering the forest of De Djisina magical aura there was a feeling. Hundreds of giant trees stand out in stark contrast to Fangorn forests in The Lord of The Rings.

Lucky to enjoy the beauty of the jungle like in the Lord Of THe Rings Film you don’t have to go to New Zealand. Travelers just need to come to Bonus 66Ceme Banyuwangi to enjoy the beauty.

Benculuk Forest Reserve was originally a building used for railway management. Soon, the 3.8-hectare land was unmanaged and became a tourist attraction managed by Banyuwangi Forestry.

Enchanted by the Magical Forest Aura De Jambangan

The hundreds of year old trees are a type of tree trembesi (Samania suit) and teak. The effect of the age of the old tree, especially the kind of trembling, is evident from the evergreen growth of each cracks, similar to the moss from a distance.

The air in the woods is quite fresh, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. Walk around looking for corners to capture the background of giant trees.

If you want to see it from a different perspective you can climb some of the trees that have been provided with stairs to go up. From the top you will see the beauty of the Forest of De Forest in different points of view.

To enjoy the view you can rent a jungle and walk around this forest area.

The distance from downtown Banyuwangi is not too far from just 45 minutes by motor or car and is in line with other Banyuwangi hits destinations such as Red Island and the Gulf of Green Bay.

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