Difference between developed and developing countries

Difference between developed

Difference between developed and developing countries – There are several characteristics of developed and developing countries that are so significant. In this article not only discusses the differences between the two but also the reasons why a country can become a developed country or why a country remains a developing country.

Difference between developed and developing countries

It can also be said that the definition of a developed country is a country that has a high annual per capita income and has a high standard of living in its society.
As for developing countries themselves, it can be defined as a country that has a low income per capita and has a low standard of living in society as well.

Characteristics of Advanced Countries:
* Have a high income per capita
* The level of community welfare is high
* Little unemployment
* Beggar rates are low
* More advanced technology
* High level of education
* The mortality rate is higher than the birth rate
* The industrial sector is more advanced
* Having a high productive society
* Growth in all fields, especially industry, is high
* High economic growth

Characteristics of Developing Countries:
* Low annual per capita income
* The level of welfare of the community is low
* Unemployment is more than productive society
* Lack of jobs
* Technology is still low
* Education level is still low
* Lower mortality and higher birth rates
* The industrial sector is minimal
* Little productive age society
* Education is still low
* Economic growth is still low
* The industrial sector is still weak

There are several factors that cause why a country can progress and why a country continues in developing conditions.
If we consider that developed countries are superior in terms of education that supports their human resources, they can utilize natural resources very well.
With a high technology system, it certainly makes all jobs such as the industrial sector and the agricultural sector faster and neater compared to the work of human hands.

And also why a country can advance because of its abundant natural resources. Moreover, for example the natural resources are needed not only in developed countries, but also in other countries.
For example the UAE which has natural resources in the form of oil that is needed by almost all countries in the world.

In contrast to developing countries that still rely on human labor where the work is not as fast as tools or technology, causing the process to be longer.
It could also be because the low level of education makes people unable to process natural resources properly poker online indonesia terpercaya.

Sometimes the most basic thing is because of the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in the country such as earthquakes which will continue to hamper economic growth.

Another factor that has great potential to make a country difficult to progress is the absence of natural resources that can be processed in the country.
Like it or not, imports of goods from abroad will continue to cause spending and debt to pile up compared to income.