Corona Virus Starts Entering Indonesia, IDX Boss Asks Investors to Stay Calm

Corona Virus Starts Entering Indonesia, IDX Boss Asks Investors to Stay Calm – Director of PT Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Inarno Djajadi, asked investors not to panic about the development of the case of the corona virus entering the country.

Corona Virus Starts

Inarno’s response regarding the official statement of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) which said there were two Indonesians who tested positive for the corona virus or Covid-19, both of whom were mothers and children living in the City of Depok, West Java.

“We remain optimistic we can get through this, we also ask investors not to panic,” Inarno said at a press conference at his Office, Jakarta, Monday (2/3/2020).

Inarno said, instructions not to panic were also ordered by President Joko Widodo, after he and the regulator held a meeting with President Jokowi this morning.

“So this is more because of fears of the corona virus, so we all hope that we will not panic and are always optimistic about it and also not reactive to this incident,” he said.

It is known, two Indonesian citizens were stated positively infected by the Corona Covid-19 Virus. The resident is a mother and daughter who are currently being treated at the Prof. Dr. Sulianti Saroso Infection Disease Hospital, Sunter, North Jakarta.

Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto explained, one patient who was 31 years old was a dance teacher. He was in contact with a Japanese citizen who lived in Malaysia on February 14, 2020. Bandar Ceme Mudah Menang

Terawan revealed, the female patient was infected while dancing with the Japanese citizen. On February 16, he began to cough so that he could Corona Virus Starts get outpatient treatment.

“So this 31-year-old girl patient is a dance teacher. She dances with her close friend (Japanese citizen),” Terawan said at RSPI Sulianti Saroso, North Jakarta, Monday.

Entering February 26, 2020, the patient never recovered. So he had to undergo hospitalization in an unnamed hospital