Corona virus prevails, is there a vaccine?

Corona virus prevails

Corona virus prevails, is there a vaccine? – Starting in early 2020, it will be a good start to start a better life. But starting the world year has been terrorized by the cruelty of the corona virus.

Corona virus prevails, is there a vaccine?

This virus was first detected in Hubei City, Wuhan Province, China. Since the emergence of various speculations came out, ranging from traditional markets that sell a variety of wild animal meat, there are also those who say that this virus originates from bats that are made into soup.

For this incident Wuhan was isolated for a while to ensure transmission was not too extreme. Many countries in the world have decided to close flights both from China and to China.

But it seems that this effort is not enough to prevent the spread of this virus. The reason is that although it has been isolated, but this virus has successfully spread in many countries.

These countries include, Thailand, Cambodia, the United States, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and many more.
These countries have also claimed that this virus has killed their patients poker online aman dan terpercaya.

The virus, named covid-19, even made several countries threatened recession. One of them is Singapore, which is the country’s income from foreign exchange has decreased dramatically due to this virus.

As a result of this virus has also infected tens of thousands of people scattered throughout the world and caused deaths recorded as many as 2,000 people and is estimated to continue to increase.

Every day in China hundreds of cases are caused by this virus. Early symptoms of this virus are also sometimes undetected because usually only cold cough and fever. WHO as the world national health institution has set a stand-by in this case.

Previously, the Chinese government had said if it had claimed a type of patona antiviral drug that had been patented. But until now there has been no bright spot regarding the type of serum that has an effect or not.

The latest information says if anti-malarial drugs have more effect on corona if combined with other drugs. So that means there is no vaccine that kills or deactivates this virus.

Many countries are competing to be able to get the right antivirus to overcome this problem and it is hoped that everyone will continue to maintain their health so that they are not easily attacked by this deadly virus.