BKKBN Version Family Resilience Program

BKKBN Version Family Resilience Program – Head of the National Population and Family Planning Agency or BKKBN Hasto Wardoyo explained the institution’s family resilience program.

“We do not put it in the sentence of family security. Our sentence is family building. Our vision is a quality family, “Hasto said when met by Tempo at his office, Friday, February 21, 2020.

Later, controversy over the draft Family Resilience Bill was being widely discussed. The bill, which was included in the Prolegnas 2020, was criticized by a number of parties because it was considered to be too private.

Hasto said family development was one of the main tasks of the BKKBN, in addition to population and family planning. BKKBN’s vision is to build quality families that include family resilience.

BKKBN Version Family Resilience Program

To realize this vision, said Hasto, BKKBN seeks to encourage families in Indonesia to become peaceful, independent and happy families.

“This is automatically a high family development index, peaceful, independent, and happy families have high resilience. So a quality family in it is a family that has high resilience, “Hasto said. Bandar Ceme QQ

Peaceful family, said Hasto, is related to the legal aspects of marriage. Because, the validity of marriage is one of the elements of peace.

The independent family is having independent economic activity. For example, whether the couple is educated or not, can afford to pay school children and can take out personal insurance or be paid by the government.

While a happy family includes aspects of a husband and wife to use the time to exercise, picnic and activities including tertiary needs.

According to Hasto, BKKBN has just completed a rebranding of its institution to target productive ages included in the millennial generation. “So there must be a new way in a new era so that the BKKBN rebranding, one of which is the logo, jingles, and tagline according to military,” he said.

The plan, this rebranding will be launched in March 2020. Hopefully, young people today can be invited to dialogue with BKKBN.

“Those who want to get married, form a family, plan to have children. So that children are healthy, not stunting, the distance can be set well, understanding reproductive health. BKKBN must be able to be their peers, “said the IVF expert.

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