Anya Geraldine Wet with Baim Wong

Jakarta – Anya Geraldine gets wet with artist Baim Wong. What are the two doing to the point of making Anya’s name on Google Trending and highlighting netizens?

This woman, whose real name is Nur Amalina Hayati, uploaded a photo of water playing with Kiano Tiger Wong’s father. Both expressions were highlighted by netizens.

Anya Geraldine Wet with Baim Wong

The following is about Anya Geraldine which is summarized detikHot:

  • Anya Geraldine Selebgram

Anya was born in Jakarta on December 15, 1995. This beautiful girl is a celebrity. He has several times uploaded sexy poses on his Instagram. Before becoming a celebrity, Anya was a model.

  • Anya Geraldine Movie Player

This beautiful woman is now reaching the world of film. He has starred in ‘The Moon Drowning in Your Face’ with former Bio One girlfriends. In addition he played in the films ‘Yowis Ben 2’ and ‘Tusuk Telanjung in Lubang Buaya’. ceme online terpercaya

  • Anya Geraldine Often Makes Vulgar Vlogs with Girlfriends

Anya Geraldine’s name is known publicly due to the controversy of vulgar vlogs that she uploaded to her YouTube channel. In the 2016 video, the woman who majored in Communication PR is on vacation together with her lover at the time, Okky Raditya. Anya was also seen wearing minimal clothing and even lying down and swimming with Okky. There is also a video that shows his intimate moments with Okky ranging from hugging to soaking together in the jacuzzi.

  • Anya Geraldine was reprimanded by KPAI

Because of her vulgar posting, Anya Geraldine received a reprimand by the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI). This is because Anya’s upload is considered to have a negative impact on children. Moreover, children are now actively playing social media. KPAI also asked Anya to better maintain her attitude on social media. That post has now been deleted.

  • Anya Geraldine Has a Boyfriend

Anya is now dating Ovi Rangkuti. Ovi is not from celebrities but office workers. Both of them are getting stickier and seem to have no hesitation in showing off their intimacy with their boyfriends.

Prior to Ovi, Anya Geraldine was reportedly in love with the Bio One actor. Both of them announced their relationship on Instagram and their love story only lasted for 4 months.

Even before with Bio One, Anya had an intimate relationship with Okky Raditya. Anya gave a luxury Mercedes-Benz branded car as a birthday present for Okky.

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  • Anya Geraldine Wet with Baim Wong

Anya Geraldine is seen playing water with Baim Wong. This can be seen from Anya @anyageraldine’s personal Instagram upload. seemed to spend time together. From the uploads of the celebrity, it seems like they are indeed collaborating with the content going forward.

“What are you doing here? Can anyone guess what we are going to do ?! Wait for the end of the month! Coming soon,” wrote Anya.

In that moment, Baim was seen spewing water at Anya with his hand. Baim’s expression when spouting water at Anya was in the spotlight.

Seeing the photos and words uploaded by Anya, Instagram users also commented and answered Anya’s questions.

“What is clear is that you want to swim,” wrote the @khairulverpool account.
“Even so beautiful, Alloh,” wrote the @ernas_awan account.
“Baim desires I see Anya,” wrote dw992.

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