61 People on a Yacht Quarantined by Japan are Positive Corona Virus

61 People on a Yacht Quarantined by Japan are Positive Corona Virus – Diamond Princess ship containing 3,700 passengers had to be quarantined at the Port of Yokohama, Japan, because there was a spread of the corona virus. As of Friday (7/2), as many as 61 passengers were infected with the virus from Wuhan.

The results of the 171 most recent medical tests have come out, and 41 have been positive. In total, of the 273 specimens, a total of 61 have been positive, Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said.

Today they will be sent to hospitals in several prefectures and we are now preparing it, continued Kato. LINK 99BANDAR

This virus originated from a passenger from Hong Kong who previously disembarked from the ship on January 25. Japan decided to quarantine the ship last Saturday (1/2) and Tuesday.

Those diagnosed as positive and infected are passengers from Japan, America, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and England. Kato said testing for passengers would be tightened.

Previously, officers only focused on testing passengers who only showed symptoms or had close contact with passengers who were positive for the corona virus. Now, officials will test those who are vulnerable to the disease, including the elderly and accompanied by suffering from other diseases.

61 People on a Yacht Quarantined by Japan are Positive Corona Virus

However, Kanto did not specify the number of passengers who met these criteria and when an advanced medical test would be carried out.

The quarantine of the ship is likely to last until February 19. Passengers must remain in the cabin to prevent transmission or new infections.

However, this decision made the passengers – who had no prior preparation – very confused and frustrated. It had never occurred to them going on a luxury cruise into a nightmare.

“Just woke up without sleep,” wrote Yardley Wong, a passenger, tweeting his complaint on Twitter.

The situation is very emotional … I want to cry.

Passengers who do not have windows in their rooms are allowed to enter the deck to get fresh air. In tight security, they must wear masks when leaving the room.

Quarantine officers require that you all avoid gathering in large groups and keep a distance of at least one meter between each other when you speak, the boat captain said in an announcement Friday morning.

We require you to wear warm clothing, hats and minimum scarves if possible, he added.

In Japan, the number of corona virus sufferers reaches 25 people. If added to the passengers of the ship, the number of corona patients in Japan touched 86 people.