3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured

3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured

3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured – Central Java Regional Police secured 3 people related to the rejection of the corpse of a positive nurse Corona virus or COVID-19 in Semarang Regency. The three men are still being questioned at the Central Java Police Headquarters.

Central Java Police Criminal Investigation Director, Police Commissioner Budi Haryanto said the three men were secured because they were suspected of being provocateurs in the rejection of bodies at Siwarak Public Cemetery (TPU), Sewakul neighborhood, Bandarjo Sub-district, Ungaran District, Semarang Regency on Thursday (9 / 4) then.

We from the police secured 3 people who we thought were provocateurs, provoked residents so that residents refused funerals that were in accordance with standards and SOPs, Budi told reporters at the Central Java Police Headquarters, Saturday (04/11/2020).

Budi also explained that the police understood the concerns of a number of people about the spread of the Corona virus. But he made sure the government was not careless in the funeral of a Corona virus positive patient.

We must be escorting and the government cannot be careless, it is impossible not to pay attention to the safety of citizens. Every corpse buried by Corona has received an SOP, he explained.

From the information obtained, 3 people who were secured were community leaders. They were involved in a blockade to refuse the funeral of a nurse’s body who was planned to be buried next to her father’s grave.

3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured

Reported earlier, the rejection of the body of a nurse at Kariadi Hospital in Semarang took place in Siwarak TPU, Sewakul neighborhood, Bandarjo Village, Ungaran Barat District, Semarang Regency. After getting rejected by residents, the nurse’s body was finally brought back to Semarang City and decided to be buried in the Dr Kariadi Cemetery in the Bergota TPU area.

A man who became the Head of the RT named Purbo had an apology related to the rejection. An apology was conveyed by Purbo in addition to the Chairman of the Central Java PPNI DPW, Edy Wuryanto, at the Central Java PPNI office. Purbo, who is the Chairperson of RT 6 of Sewakul Hamlet, Bandarjo, West Ungaran, Semarang Regency, apologized to the deceased extended family.

I apologize to the family of the deceased who had not been buried in Sewakul. Personally sorry, I’m very sorry, said Purbo, Friday (10/4).

He explained, as the head of the RT he only accommodated the aspirations of residents and conveyed to the village officials.

I don’t have the power, it’s the aspirations of the Poker Online Medan residents and I am only obliged to coordinate with the village officials, he said.

I am on behalf of myself and also represent my community, apologize for yesterday’s incident. I also apologize to nurses all over Indonesia, he added.