Ambulance Carrier Positive Corona Virus Accident on Jalan Sudirman

Ambulance Carrier Positive Corona Virus Accident on Jalan Sudirman – An ambulance carrying a corona virus positive patient on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman KM 14 Kelurahan Pasir Putih, East Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan. The accident occurred in Seruyan District, Saturday.

It happened around 5:30 a.m. The ambulance driver was thought to be sleepy so the car entered the left shoulder of the road to enter the ditch or creek. This was said by Head of AKP Traffic Unit Johari Fitri Casdy in Sampit.

The ambulance with the police number KH 9080 F that reads PT Gawi Bahandep Sawit Mekar was known to depart from Seruyan Regency. The ambulance was carrying a positive citizen of the corona virus based on the results of a rapid test and three members of his family.

Ambulance Carrier Positive Corona

When passing in KM 14 or entering East Kotawaringin Regency, the driver is suspected to be sleepy so he cannot control the direction of the car’s speed. When it turns right, the ambulance has no time to be turned so it continues to break through to the shoulder of the road and fall into the ditch.

The incident was immediately reported by residents to the police and related parties. This incident was also directly coordinated with the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling East Kotawaringin virus because there was positive patient information in it.

Health workers and police who came to evacuate using personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with the health protocol for handling COVID-19. The patient and his family were then evacuated to RSUD dr. Murjani Sampit.

Meanwhile, an ambulance that was in a wrecked condition on the front, was also evacuated. domino qiu qiu

“Thank God, there were no casualties. Only material losses. Patients have been taken to Sampit for further observation,” said Johari Fitri Casdy.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Health Service who was also the Spokesperson of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling East Kotawaringin corona virus, dr. Faisal Novendra Cahyanto also confirmed the incident.

At this time, he said, the positive patient of COVID-19 results of the rapid test had been handled in the isolation room of RSUD dr. Murjani Sampit. Ambulance Carrier Positive Corona

“That’s the company’s ambulance. Enter the trench. Wrong route. Thank God, the driver and passengers are okay. The ones being transported are indeed COVID-19 positive rapid test patients,” concluded Faisal.

Chelsea eyeing Coutinho But Barcelona Still Want Coutinho Back

Chelsea eyeing Coutinho But Barcelona Still Want Coutinho Back

Chelsea eyeing Coutinho But Barcelona Still Want Coutinho Back – Quique Setien, Barcelona coach admitted that he liked the playing style of Philippe Coutinho and included it in Barcelona’s tactics next season.

Chelsea eyeing Coutinho But Barcelona Still Want Coutinho Back

Coutinho is currently on loan from Barcelona on loan at the club Bayern Munich since mid-2019 ago.

Because of the slick appearance at Bayern Munich makes Barcelona, ​​in particular the coach Setien to return his players to Barcelona at the start of next season.

Bayer Munch actually has the option to harvest Couti for a fee of 120 Million Euros or Rp. 2 Trillion.

But it looks like Bayern Munich certainly will not take the option and finally Barcelona will sell Coutinho if nearing the end of the loan contract in June.

And also reportedly Chelsea intend to return Couti to the English league to play at Chelsea because Couti is a former Liverpool player.

Although Setien has revealed that he is interested in Couti’s game, Coutinho’s future is still hanging by Barcelona.

At present all soccer competitions in the entire league are being suspended because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, but it is also reported that the German League will return to rolling if permitted by the German government on May 9.

Coutinho also reportedly suffered an injury when doing training with Bayern Munch and has been through surgery and running successfully.

But this Brazilian player still has to go through a recovery period for the next 6 weeks.

That means Coutinho will not play for Bayern in the opening match of the German league if he already gets permission to roll back in mid-May Game Blackjack.

And of course Coutinho’s future is still unclear after his loan spell has ended, whether it still stays in Barcelona, ​​or Bayern decides the right decision to harvest, or Chelsea who managed to get Couti’s autograph.

End the Corona Statistics Chaos

End the Corona Statistics Chaos – Even though it was late, President Joko Widodo’s statement about the need for the government to open Covid-19 data was a relief. This statement corrects the attitude of the government which previously seemed to cover up the number of positive patients and people suspected of being infected. Initially, Jokowi assumed transparency could make people worried. He forgets, without an open attitude, even regional quarantine will not be effective in resolving a pandemic.

Covering up the Covid-19 statistic is useless – it actually makes a chaotic atmosphere. Instead of making the public calm, the data being sorted out makes the government make the wrong decision. Officials who cite erroneous information will simplify the problem and make many people lose their sense of crisis. When the information is actually revealed later, the government will lose its basic credibility in mobilizing social solidarity in the crisis era.

However much the President’s oversight has been stated openly, the confusion of data still continues. Look at what happened in DKI Jakarta. The capital city government recently announced the number of people buried in Jakarta, far above the pre-pandemic average. Generally the bodies were buried with the procedure of Covid-19 sufferers – an early indication that the number of deaths due to a pandemic was far higher than the figures claimed by the central government.

End the Corona Statistics Chaos

There is no evidence that all of them died because of Covid-19. Perhaps the funeral protocol was taken to maintain the safety of medical officers, families and funeral officers. But it is not impossible otherwise that happened: the deceased were infected with corona, but have not been stated positive. The causes are various. It could be that they did not have time to be tested or the test results had not come out when they died.

Embellished with political sentiments and tensions between Jokowi and DKI Governor Anies Baswedan, the difference in data then gave birth to suspicions. One accuses the central government of understating the number of victims, the other accuses the DKI government of seeking mere sensation. With regard to these differences, the Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Countermeasures must consolidate data – check differences, clarify, then report to the public. poker online

Purifying turbid data is not an easy matter. In most provinces, apart from not yet practicing a corona victim reporting system, the centralization of the swab testing laboratory is suspected to be the cause. The last problem should be solved soon. The government has added the swipe test laboratory from 3 to 29, to later be developed to 78. Laboratory tests can be carried out in many places outside the Capital.

Being open does not mean centralizing data. Central government openness should be implemented with respect to information released by local governments, private institutions, or other independent bodies. The Task Force should not make Ministry of Health data the only benchmark.

Do not hesitate to correct the wrong data. What New York, United States did, could be a lesson. Last week, the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, announced 3,778 additional deaths from corona because previously people who died with symptoms of Covid-19 but had not been tested were not counted. The change was triggered by the existence of new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there.

In short, throw away political motives in this statistical pandemic problem. Hiding victims is as dangerous as exaggerating the number of victims.

Sawah Besar Residents Had Not Knew Christin Infected Covid-19

Sawah Besar Residents Had Not Knew Christin Infected Covid-19 – Residents of RW 04 Sawah Besar Utara, Central Jakarta had no idea Christin, one of the local residents, was infected with the corona virus or Covid-19. Christin was found to be suffering from the epidemic when he was rushed to the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital in Kemayoran.

Christin was in the spotlight after her children were isolated at home because of positive Covid-19 without being accompanied by parents. Christin’s husband died of this virus suspected, although the test results are unknown.

Head of RW 08, Kusniadi, when contacted on Monday (4/20/2020), said that he had just found out that Christin was infected with Covid-19 on April 3 from the kelurahan. According to Kusniadi the village also got information from Christin’s first child, aged 15 years.

Sawah Besar Residents

“Indeed, when someone from school suddenly sent food using Gojek. We didn’t contact the Lurah for a long time, ‘Pak RW really has this,'” Kusniadi said imitating his conversation with the headman.

He said that at that time Christin had been treated at the Athlete’s House. Only three of his children, two of whom were positive for Covid-19, were at home. Sawah Besar Residents

Kusnaidi suspected that the three children were reluctant to report to local residents. Finally, the children prefer to report to school.

“It’s called a 15-year-old child, maybe the level of maturity is lacking. So he said his friend, go to school first,” he explained. Finally, he and the local residents immediately came to his house. He discovered that their mother, Christin, had been treated at the Athlete’s Home.

Afterwards, the three children were asked to take the Covid-19 test and found that two of them were positive. All three were isolated in their homes and their needs were provided by residents.

He also said that the local residents did not discriminate or isolate the family. He considers this condition needs to be addressed with mutual encouragement. tips mudah menang dominoqq

“This kind of situation might be thought of as a disgrace, afraid of discrimination. Even though there is no one, we all support, help each other,” he concluded.

It is known, the two children have undergone independent isolation for 14 days. Now, the two children have had their second swab test today.

The corona case experienced by these two children is in the spotlight. The reason is they are aged 10 years and 13 years old undergoing isolation without his parents.

Christin has now recovered. When he returned to his home, he was greeted warmly by local residents, who cheered and clapped when he arrived.

The Sleeping Lions Walk When South Africa Lockdown

The Sleeping Lions Walk When South Africa Lockdown

The Sleeping Lions Walk When South Africa Lockdown – During the Worldwide Pandemic Period now, South Afrikas conducted a Lockdown for all its territories. But there is something interesting about Lockdown that is implemented by South Africa.

The Sleeping Lions Walk When South Africa Lockdown

Indeed, South Africa is known as a place where wild animals roam very freely in the wild. And this is what happens as long as humans stay at home.

There was a moment when the African lions napped in the streets which were successfully enshrined by a Kruger National Park official named Richard Sowry on Wednesday, 4/15/2020.

The lions enjoyed their freedom starting on March 25 because the Lockdown rules set by the Government made the Kruger National Park closed for human visits to prevent Corona transmission.

Usually on normal days lions only sleep on the asphalt at night or when the park is closed.

However, due to park activities that are not running normally makes the lions enjoy their freedom during the day during this Pandemic.

Sowry who gets the opportunity that this very step will not miss it, he immediately takes pictures from a distance of 5 meters.

Because the lions in Kruger are very familiar with human activities in the car, so if you approach on foot, then that will be considered a threat to them.

So I have to keep my distance if I want to approach them and take this very step picture.

Sowry also explained the reason he shared photos that are very, very rare because he wanted to share a happy moment with all people who are currently in the midst of grief caused by this virus Agen Domino.

Because Kruger National Park is a very wild place and will continue to be wild until now, and this moment can be enjoyed by everyone who has never come directly to this National Park.

Detoxification of the World Economy

Detoxification of the World Economy – All countries are still struggling with the 2019 Coronavirus Disease pandemic (Covid-19). Based on the chart provided by Johns Hopkins University & Medicine, it is seen that countries that were first exposed to the plague, such as China and South Korea, were able to hold the rate of increasing the number of patients in about a quarter. This hope can exist with two models namely, implementing lockdown or closing schools and working from home equipped with three “spells”: track, test, and care.

Like South Korea, Indonesia chose a second model that was complemented by large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) interventions. The regional head, after the area meets the criteria, can submit a PSBB application to the health minister. Considering that Indonesia is a large archipelagic country, the conditions of each region will be different, so that the determination of the PSBB depends on the conditions of each region.

Detoxification of the World Economy

After the Spanish flu pandemic (1918-1920), the world experienced five virus attacks, although not all were pandemic. The five are Asian flu (1957-1958), Hong Kong flu (1968-1969), acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002-2003, Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS) in 2012, and ebola (2014-2016). As with previous outbreaks, the world hopes the Covid-19 outbreak can be overcome within the same time frame. To contain the spread of the virus, each country shifts its economic focus from the demand side to the supply side core, which is saving people. When the spread of the virus can be overcome, the economy will start moving, as seen in China and South Korea. Indonesia took a similar step with a short-term focus on managing the pandemic, which was supported by the provision of social safety nets and the rescue of micro, small and medium enterprises.

World economic growth is expected to reach its lowest point in the April-June period. If every country is able to overcome Covid-19 in the second quarter, the world economy will slowly rise in the end of 2020 until the first quarter of 2021 (Hausmann, Baldwin and Mauro, 2020). This pandemic made the world production network stop but not totally because the spread did not occur together. For example, in Asia, when outbreaks broke out in China and South Korea in the first quarter, the Southeast Asian production network was still running. At that time, many people thought that Southeast Asia would receive an abundance of investment from China because the industry there was closing down.

The situation changed completely in the second quarter when Southeast Asian production networks, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, fell, while Chinese and South Korean manufacturing machines began to move. If the Southeast Asian production network starts to move, the meeting point of the Asian and Southeast Asian production network is expected to begin to unite in the end of 2020. Growth in the world economy, including Asia and Southeast Asia, will be lower this year than last year. Poker Online Manado

If public health policies in each country in Southeast Asia are effective, as seen in China and South Korea, within three months of the outbreak, an increase in the number of patients will be retained. When the addition of new patients is near zero, the availability of medical equipment and services will be adequate by itself. This condition will increase the probability of the number of patients recovering and reduce the number of patients dying. Public health policies in Singapore and Thailand appear to be effective in holding death ratios at low levels, namely 0.3 and 1.3 percent. Indonesia with the PSBB policy is expected to reduce the mobility of people so that the addition of new patients can also be detained.

A recent study published in the leading journal, The Lancet, shows restrictions on human movement can reduce the number of new patients by 90 percent because Covid-19 cannot last long without healthy human cells (Remuzzi & Remuzzi, 2020). Anzai et al (2020) study in the Journal of Clinical Medicine shows a decrease in the movement of people has an impact on a linear decrease in pandemic around 7 percent in two days, depending on the effectiveness of the scenario of limiting movement of people. When PSBB is effective because all elements are consistent, increasing the number of new patients can be kept until it goes down. Detoxification of the World Economy

The world is indeed undergoing detoxification. The Covid-19 outbreak had an impact on the environment because the world production network took turns resting until the sky and sea appeared bluer. Humans are forced to “reflect” on their lives from home. When all countries are able to survive, the world will be reborn with the hope that humans will become stronger and friendly to nature. To borrow Professor Sadli’s statement, “The difficult conditions are actually an opportunity to bring forth the best policies, including in the economy and development.”

Raided By The Police During a Party Title, Caucasians in Bali Had a Marahi Security Guard Villa

Raided By The Police During a Party Title, Caucasians in Bali Had a Marahi Security Guard Villa – Badung Police Station raided dozens of foreign tourists at the Cemagi Mengwi Badung Ombak Villa on Sunday night. Dozens of foreigners are known to be holding a party in the middle of the outbreak of the corona virus.

After being investigated, dozens of Caucasians held a birthday party for an Egyptian student who had lived in the villa since January 2020.

“The Egyptian tourist has been living there for a long time. He is holding a birthday party, not a party like a night entertainment venue,” said Badung Police Chief, AKPB Robi Septiady.

Raided By The Police

Robi said, the Egyptian tourist was still a student.

The tourist officer claimed to only invite a friend to celebrate a birthday party at his villa. But what happened was that the theme invited many of his friends to attend.

“So, there were about 15 foreign tourists who attended the birthday party. They held a birthday party until 22.00 WITA,” said the Police Chief. poker online makassar

AKBP Robi said that the Egyptian foreign tourist actually knew that there was a ban on gathering due to the corona virus effect. But he admitted at that time only 1 person was invited.

“The first person invited was 1 person. But, one person turned out to also invite a lot of friends,” he said.

As a result of this incident, the party in charge of the party named An Joe, from Australia has also made an apology video to the public of Bali.

Joe admitted his mistake made a crowd in the middle of the Corona outbreak. They have also been questioned by the Badung Regional Police.

“It has been questioned. We have reminded what the government appealed to, so for the time being there is no gathering,” he concluded.

While sources in the field revealed, the party that took place around 20:00 WITA was actually held in private. Even the local security guard was not aware of the party’s activities.

The incident was revealed after a security guard was patrolling and seeing in front of a crowded motorbike villa. The security guard then enters to check the villa. But when he entered the villa, the security guard was scolded by a number of Caucasians who were partying.

“The security guard was scolded by Caucasians who were having a party and this incident was reported directly to the Badung Regional Police Station. Soon the police arrived, the event was disbanded,” said a source. The source added, the villa was owned by a Jakarta person and contracted to British tourists.

Son Heung Min is undergoing compulsory military service and prohibits visiting fans

Son Heung Min is undergoing compulsory military service and prohibits visiting fans

Son Heung Min is undergoing compulsory military service and prohibits visiting fans – Tottenham Hotspur’s star, Son Heung-min, is currently in South Korea for the rest of his four-week compulsory military service obligations.

Son was released from military service in South Korea after successfully giving a gold medal to South Korea at the last Asian Games.

Son Heung Min is undergoing compulsory military service and prohibits visiting fans

But Son still has to do his duty as a South Korean citizen for 4 weeks.

Tottenham has given permission for Son Heung-min to return to South Korea and undergo military service because of the current state of the European League and the English League being suspended because of the Corona Pandemic.

The 27-year-old will fulfill his obligations as long as the English League Competition is terminated as a result of the Corona Pandemic.

Location and details of Kegian Soon’s and assignments were not made public to avoid large crowds because Korea is currently also implementing no-crowd rules.

Son also viewed from his personal account has asked the fans or fans not to come to the location he was running for military service for safety and health.

Because of the Covid-19 situation we all need to hold back for large gatherings, and also as a form of cooperation in accordance with government policy regarding Covid-19, Son has decided to attend training and not be open to the public.

To prevent a greater danger is expected and please help the fans not to come to the training location.

Son Heung-min himself is confirmed to be starting compulsory military service in Jeju Island, South Korea on April 20, 2020 for the next 4 weeks Poker Online Pontianak.

And the Club has confirmed that Son will start training in April, and will return after the training has finished, namely in May.

3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured

3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured

3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured – Central Java Regional Police secured 3 people related to the rejection of the corpse of a positive nurse Corona virus or COVID-19 in Semarang Regency. The three men are still being questioned at the Central Java Police Headquarters.

Central Java Police Criminal Investigation Director, Police Commissioner Budi Haryanto said the three men were secured because they were suspected of being provocateurs in the rejection of bodies at Siwarak Public Cemetery (TPU), Sewakul neighborhood, Bandarjo Sub-district, Ungaran District, Semarang Regency on Thursday (9 / 4) then.

We from the police secured 3 people who we thought were provocateurs, provoked residents so that residents refused funerals that were in accordance with standards and SOPs, Budi told reporters at the Central Java Police Headquarters, Saturday (04/11/2020).

Budi also explained that the police understood the concerns of a number of people about the spread of the Corona virus. But he made sure the government was not careless in the funeral of a Corona virus positive patient.

We must be escorting and the government cannot be careless, it is impossible not to pay attention to the safety of citizens. Every corpse buried by Corona has received an SOP, he explained.

From the information obtained, 3 people who were secured were community leaders. They were involved in a blockade to refuse the funeral of a nurse’s body who was planned to be buried next to her father’s grave.

3 Suspected Provocateurs for Refusing a Corpse Secured

Reported earlier, the rejection of the body of a nurse at Kariadi Hospital in Semarang took place in Siwarak TPU, Sewakul neighborhood, Bandarjo Village, Ungaran Barat District, Semarang Regency. After getting rejected by residents, the nurse’s body was finally brought back to Semarang City and decided to be buried in the Dr Kariadi Cemetery in the Bergota TPU area.

A man who became the Head of the RT named Purbo had an apology related to the rejection. An apology was conveyed by Purbo in addition to the Chairman of the Central Java PPNI DPW, Edy Wuryanto, at the Central Java PPNI office. Purbo, who is the Chairperson of RT 6 of Sewakul Hamlet, Bandarjo, West Ungaran, Semarang Regency, apologized to the deceased extended family.

I apologize to the family of the deceased who had not been buried in Sewakul. Personally sorry, I’m very sorry, said Purbo, Friday (10/4).

He explained, as the head of the RT he only accommodated the aspirations of residents and conveyed to the village officials.

I don’t have the power, it’s the aspirations of the Poker Online Medan residents and I am only obliged to coordinate with the village officials, he said.

I am on behalf of myself and also represent my community, apologize for yesterday’s incident. I also apologize to nurses all over Indonesia, he added.

Hotel Room Selling Strategies in the Middle of Corona Pandemic

Hotel Room Selling Strategies in the Middle of Corona Pandemic – The hospitality business is in danger of closing down after the corona outbreak struck. The Chairperson of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of DKI Jakarta, Krishnadi said, the occupancy rate of hotels and accommodation has dropped to below 9 percent since January 2020.

According to Krishnadi, more than 30 hotel managers in Jakarta had raised the white flag. They are no longer able to survive because cash flow over the past three months cannot cover operational costs. They finally chose not to operate for an undetermined deadline.

Even so, Krishnadi continued, there are a few hotels that can survive by making special programs. “Those who survive, they offer special promos or participate in government programs by renting rooms to medical personnel,” Krishnadi said.

Hotel Room Selling Strategies in the Middle of Corona Pandemic

Based on PHRI data, at least 698 hotels in Indonesia have chosen to close all of their operational activities. Most of them are in Jakarta, Bali and Manado. In fact, not a few are forced to lay off their employees.

Hotels that have offered special offers for independent isolation or quarantine have not shown an increase in occupancy so far. Likewise with hotels that join government programs. In fact, they are likely to lose customers. Because, the presence of medical personnel who handle COVID-19 patients in that place can make consumers worry about contracting. The current situation is indeed quite difficult, PHRI handed over all decisions to the hotel manager, he said. Cara Bermain Poker

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is reported to have partnered with the Jakarta Regional Corporation Tourisindo to provide four of its hotels for more than 600 medical personnel who treat COVID-19 patients in the Capital City. The Ministry of Tourism cooperates with Accor Hotels Group which has four assets, namely Novotel Cikini, Mercure Cikini, Ibis Styles Sunter and Ibis Cikini. To help deal with the corona outbreak in the Capital City. Medical workers need to get support, said Director of PT Jakarta Tourisindo, Novita Dewi.

The hotels in the Capital City that offer special promos during the Covid-19 period include Swissbel-Hotel and Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta. Swissbell-Hotel Jakarta and Bali on its official page has three special promos for consumers who want to rent rooms at low rates during the corona pandemic handling period, namely the Quarantine Package, Stay Longer Package, and Stay Relax Package.

While Hotel Aryaduta launched a room rental promo for consumers who want to do independent isolation. The package named Comfort In Self-Isolation is priced at Rp 850 thousand per day. According to the President of Aryaduta Hotel Group, Greg Allan, this promo is intended for consumers who want to make hotel rooms as an independent quarantine place.

He said, this package guarantees consumers will not interact with hotel guests and employees. Consumers still get food three times a day and stay in a room that has been specially cleaned. Only for people who are isolated for 14 days independently, said Greg.